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9782819907145 - Charles Henry Pearson: Cabin on the Prairie - Libro

Charles Henry Pearson (?):

Cabin on the Prairie (2010) (?)

Entrega de: SuizaNuevo libroe-Book, eBook, libro digital

9782819907145 (?) o 2819907148

, en francés, Pub One Info, Nuevo, Ebook
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Del vendedor/anticuario
Cabin on the Prairie, If you stay here long, you will become so Westernized that you will lose all love for New England. That´s my experience. So said a brawny pioneer, a man of large mind, and generous heart, and a sledge-hammer fist that never struck a coward´s blow; but when swung in defence of the right was like the jaw-bone of Samson to the Philistines. He had emigrated from Maine twenty years before, and was one of the first settlers I met on the prairie near the scene of my story. Was his prediction fulfilled? Ah, how like sweetest music sounded the bells of Salem (city of peace) the first Sunday of my return to the Old Bay State! Besides, the frontiersman misrepresented himself. For, seated by his ample clay-stick-and-stone fireplace, how his eye kindled, and tones mellowed, as he treated us to reminiscences of his early days! And what a grip he gave the hand of a freshly-arrived Yankee! ePUB, 23.10.2010
Número de pedido del vendedor: 35996405
Número de orden de plataforma Buch.ch (EB): 689352985
Categoría: eBooks > Fremdsprachige eBooks > Englische eBooks > Kinder- & Jugendbücher, eBook
Palabras clave: eBook
Datos de 31/05/2017 17:04h
ISBN (Notaciones alternativas): 2-8199-0714-8, 978-2-8199-0714-5


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